A Lucas North gifset per episode: 7x07

”When you love someone everything is understood” Gorky

Richard “I’m-too-big-for-the-chair” Armitage 


"Do you know what, I didn’t realise how much I’d missed being on stage until I walked on to the stage for the technical rehearsal and saw the seats, and every night now, you know, there is a fear of what’s about to happen, but there’s such excitement to be able to take this play in front of twelve hundred people, and I’d forgotten what that was like". (Photos  © Dan Burn-Forti)

RA, on whether he enjoys doing theatre and filming equally 


Cast and crew of Spooks being just like us admiring Richard’s talent.

For the lovely northerntrash :3 

I’d rather d i e than be with you, Guy of Gisborne. I’m going to marry Robin Hood. I l o v e Robin Hood.